Fat Loss Revealed By Will Brink
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Fat Loss Revealed By Will Brink

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“Build A Sexy Lean Body Naturally”

Why 97% Of Those Trying To Get Lean Are Following The Wrong Advice And
How You Can Put This Scientifically Proven Fat Loss System To Work For YOU.

Plus Save $$$ And Discover Exactly Why 99% of All Fat Loss Supplements Are Total Junk and Which Ones Will Actually Help You Lose Body Fat Naturally and Safely.

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From the Desk Of William D. Brink …

Welcome my name is Will Brink, and If you’re interested in the kind of
fat loss system, that doesn’t require you to turn into some kind of social
hermit, that you can stick to within a normal life, and eat normal healthy
tasty foods on , then keep reading.

If you’re looking for a system complete with in-depth
information on almost every fat loss supplement on the market,
pre made meal plans, an online forum so you can discuss
your progress with others following the same program, built in meal planners
and much more then this is probably the most important web page you’ll
read in quite some time.

I’ve you’ve failed to get in shape before due to time constraints,
lack of results or motivation
then this web site and my information
could transform your life. This program has transformed those who failed
on diets before into all new people with a zest for live, improved confidence
and lets be honest here, hot new bodies.

If you’re looking for an flexible
program that works for dieting newbies all the way though to those
looking to get ripped,
then you’re in the right place.

The Big Secret – One Size Does
NOT Fit All

Ok, the truth is …. there is no secret, infact this is
probably one of the very few web sites you’ll come across that isn’t going
to fill you with marketing terminology or hype.

What I will say is this, most diets pay NO attention to
critical factors such as age, sex, height, activity levels, they literally
just provide a standard set of calories based on your bodyweight and somehow
miraculously expect people to lose weight and get lean.

Yes you might
lose a little weight for a few weeks but past that, forget it, if
the diet is not specific to the persons body type, age, sex, and numerous
other factors, it won’t deliver results ,
simple as that.

This program allows you to create a
diet to you as an individual, that’s why people are achieving such insane
results and if there is such a thing as a “secret to fat loss”,
then this is it..one size does NOT fit all.

Success Even If You’ve Failed

Time and Time Again

Below are just a handful of people who have sent me their
photos and fat loss stories after following my program for at least 12

Many of them had failed numerous times before, but with
the right diet, exercise program and supplements they finally achieved
their goals, and even more incredible some went from fat to flab in just
a few months.

They include individuals holding down a 55+ hour a week
job, a mum looking after three kids, people from all ages and backgrounds,
no different from you or I. You can read more about their stories and
details later on this page.


My name is Will Brink, over my professional career as an
author, fitness magazine columnist, trainer and researcher, I’ve worked
with just about every type of person, from Olympic athletes, fitness models
and actresses, to getting the everyday man and woman into amazing shape,
with men achieving the ripped six pack and women slim sexy flat bellies.

A little bit about me, (my
full bio here)
My articles have been published in a wide variety of
magazines, including: Life Extension magazine, MuscleMag International,
Let’s Live, Muscle ‘n Fitness, Townsend Letter for Doctors, IronMan, Inside
Karate, Physical, Fitness RX Power, Body International, Oxygen, Women’s
World, as well as many other magazines and countless web sites.

Fat Loss Magasines

I’ve also worked extensively on the “inside”
of some of the biggest sports nutrition , diet and supplement
companies. . I’m one of the very few insider experts who has revealing
knowledge of those who run the fat loss industry and as of today,
pretty much the only one who’s prepared to hack them off by telling the

Bottom line, you can count on one hand the number of people
who can match my experience in the industry of fat loss. I have been around
the proverbial block in the supplement and diet industry and I’m about
to spill the beans, on the secrets that most insiders only talk about
behind closed doors.

Wait, Before We Move On &
You Forget..

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Here’s The Story Of How I Created

A System To Virtually Blow Torch Fat Away

You see, for a long time my entire lively hood depended
on it
. Many years ago when I had just started writing for magazines
and so forth I used to supplement my income getting fitness models and
bodybuilders into shape for competitions.

As my clients starting winning competitions and modeling
contracts, I ended up getting a very good reputation for being
“the man” to work with.
This ended up with everybody
from rich businessmen and women to Olympic athletes, pro golfers and everybody
else in between coming to me for advice on how to get lean.

This focus on fat loss, ended up translating into more and
more research, more and more study, I also concentrated on what worked
for the average guy and woman living under the normal conditions of working,
looking after kids perhaps, basically people with not a lot of time on
their hands and those not wanting to have to become scientists to understand
how to lose fat.

    This popularity led to virtually hundreds of faxes,
    letters, and in the last ten years, emails. I would constantly get
    the same questions :

  • How do I lose fat Will ?
  • What do you think of this supplement?
  • How do I get a six pack?

    Over my life time I must have received those 3 questions,
    or some variation of those 3 questions, somewhere in the region
    of 100,000 times!

It was impossible to keep up with, combined with the fact
I was also spending hundreds of hours a month researching supplements
educating consumers on what worked and what didn’t, I was spending more
time helping people and answering emails and such than I was working.

Something had to change,

so I thought to myself….

“I have worked with all kinds
of people from all walks of life, I have an incredibly powerful
and proven fat loss diet at my disposal, I know how to get people
into amazing shape, it’s time to put all this information down into
an easy to read format and let people start transforming their own
bodies. “

At this time I had collated literally hundreds of folders
full of paperwork from clients. I had all the diet sheets, progress reports
and data from my clients, I had categorical evidence my system worked.
I just needed to get it down on paper in an easy to read format.

And that really is how the Fat Loss Revealed system
was initially created.

After literally thousands of hours of in the trenches real
world experience of what works, and hundreds of hours of writing and thousands
of dollars spent on creating the unique members area to ensure people
stayed motivated on my program, Fat Loss Revealed was born.

It’s a program which pulls on 20 years of study
and real world experience
of getting people into tip top condition.

I finally created a system I knew from my clients worked like a charm,
if people followed it as I laid it out, they got rid of their belly fat
and end up in the best shape of their lives, young or old, male or female,
simple truth was…it works.

So Will, What’s
Covered In The Fat Loss Revealed Program…

Further down this letter covers a lot of general information
about what the other modules include but I wanted to put a special highlight
on the Supplement Review module as it’s
completely unique.

Supplement Reviews
& Advice

fat loss supplements

The Fat Loss Revealed manual is unique in this department,
so much so, I made a huge mistake by not selling it as a stand alone product.
It’s that good and that unique to this market.

It’s utterly unique in this industry to have an insider
like myself spill the beans on which supplements work and which don’t,
and I include an entire book’s worth of supplement reviews with
my Fat Loss Revealed manual.

In the supplement module, I
review over 50 weight loss supplements;
I give you an overall supplement
scoreboard and full information on every supplement

I give a simple thumbs up or down along with an overall
rating of each supplement with comments about whether the supplement may
be useful for fat loss and or health, as well as dosages, timing, warnings,
much much more.

All these Supplements below are reviewed in

  • Ephedrine/Caffeine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Acetyl-l-Carnitine
  • Cayenne (Capsaicin)
  • Chitosan
  • Chromium
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • 5-HTP
  • MCTs
  • Pyruvate
  • Orlistat
  • Peptide FM
  • Piperine
  • Sesamin
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Synephrine
  • CLA
  • DHEA
  • Insulin Potentiators
  • Glycomacropeptides
  • 7-Keto DHEA
  • Glycomacropeptides
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Guggul-Phosphate Mixtures
  • Evodiamine
  • Tetradecylthioacetic Acid
  • Flax Oil
  • Phaseolus vulgaris Extract
  • Forskolin
  • GH Releasers
  • Glucomannan
  • Green Tea
  • Guggul Lipids
  • HCA
  • Octopamine
  • Salvia sclarea
  • Yohimbine
  • Orlistat
  • Peptide FM
  • Piperine
  • Sesamin
  • Lipotropics
  • Thyromimetics

With over 400 brand name supplements, such as the
ones below, reviewed in the Fat Loss Revealed private members area with
members own feedback:

  • Trimspa
  • Hot-Rox
  • Gakic
  • Xenadrine
  • Thryo Stak
  • Lipodec
  • Charge
  • NO2
  • Leanfire
  • Leptigen
  • Hydroxycut
  • Hardcore Ripped Fuel
  • Lean Extreme
  • Farenheit
  • Spirulean
  • Thermo Hydroxadine
  • Thermodynamx
  • Cheaters Relief
  • Ultra Omega
  • Metabolic Thyrolean
  • Redline
  • Dermagain
  • Dietex
  • Fattattack
  • Lipo 6/8
  • Estrolean
  • Betalean
  • Carboslim
  • Fat Stripper
  • Cutting Gels
  • Leptoprin
  • Udos Choice
  • Greens
  • LEF mix
  • Lipe-Xen
  • Sesathin
  • Trilean
  • Cortislim
  • Thermonex
  • Clenbutical

Feedback On

The Supplement Module…

If you know medical doctors or top level researchers who tend to be a
very conservative group by nature, you know getting them to put
their recommendation to a book on supplements would be pretty much impossible
They have too much at stake knowing full well most reviews are biased,
poorly researched, or designed to sell supplements.

However, I received the following reviews from Doctors on the supplement
module of my book, which I think clearly underlines how brazenly honest
each of the reviews is.

Fat Loss Revealed Doctor Testimonials…

joyal md approves of fat loss revealed by will brink

Brink’s information on weight loss supplements and diet is a terrific
tool with which to help the lay reader navigate the often conflicting
and confusing information behind weight loss supplements.

weight loss industry is replete with misinformation and outright
deception in advertising but Will Brink’s info analyzes the data
behind weight loss supplements and supplements in a straightforward
and easy-to-read manner that should be invaluable to the reader.

get “the real deal” behind the marketing hype to determine
which supplements have the scientific data to back up their claims!
Don’t fall for the hype- let Mr. Brink’s give you the information
you need to make informed decisions about weight loss supplements
and nutriceuticals! ”

Joyal MD

dallas phd pproves of fat loss revealed by will brink

Any number of books
on the topic of weight loss bedazzle with theory, just as numerous
weight loss products beguile with promises to deliver magical results.
Fortunately, Will Brink’s compact and timely volume clears out the
confusion and the hype.

Because Brink
not only is an established author on health and fitness topics,
but himself also a personal trainer, he knows what works and what
doesn’t. His information would be valuable if all it contained were
the feedback from individuals who have already tried all the fad
diets and the magic potions.

Of course, the
nutrients and anti-obesity products are described in clear and direct
language which, nevertheless, is scientifically accurate. However,
again, the real value of the book lies in the fact that the theories
and the products all have histories. This volume is the condensed
experience of others who have been there. Read it so that you can
avoid their mistakes while repeating their successes

Dallas Clouatre, PhD,

“I’m always very
skeptical when it comes to information about supplements. I have been
working with athletes for years, and now I know what works in the
real world and what doesn’t, thanks to Will.

“The problem is: Most of the information available in print today
is much too uncritical when it comes to useful information for the
hard-training athlete.

“Will’s book is
one of the few exceptions. In a straight forward and honest manner,
he describes nearly all the fat loss supplements available today
in an easy to read format.

“Will’s book gives the reader basic background information on every
supplement and judges its effectiveness not just by medical studies,
but as well by his own experiences with athletes and others.

“A person who
knows his stuff, has a scientific background, and plenty of experience
working with people for over a decade, is hard to find today. Will
is one of these exceptions, and if you are looking for unbiased
information about fat loss supplements without any marketing hype
to decide for yourself what to buy, this is definitely for you.

“It will save
you money that you would otherwise have spent on worthless supplements
in hope of achieving your goals. Highly recommended.”

Albers M.D.

Will Brink’s
information is a valuable guide for anyone who wishes to lose weight
without wasting a lot of money or time trying over-hyped but ineffective
diet supplements.

Brink clearly
explains what works and what doesn’t and why. Unlike most authors
who simply spout research findings or anecdotal reports.

Brink melds both
scientific evidence and real-world experience to give you an unparalleled
grasp of this subject that is certain to help you in your quest
to build a better body, his fat loss diet is one of the soundest
and result producing I’ve seen.

Dr. Kevin Pezzi M.D.

doctor approved fat loss program

“Few disciplines
of human health and wellness are plagued with as much unscientific
conjecture and over hyped marketing as that of nutrition, particularly
nutrition for fat loss.

During roughly
the past decade, Will Brink has emerged as one of the few voices
of reason in this particular industry.

Fat Loss Revealed
is centered on presenting effective, evidence-based, hype-free dietary
and exercise principles in a user-friendly manner. Fat Loss Revealed
is a must for anyone looking to achieve a leaner, stronger, and
healthier body.” I use the FLR system myself and can recommend it.

Dr .Evan
R. Peck, M.D

Ok Will, So Give It To Me Straight Will,

What Should I know About Fat Loss Revealed?

Firstly It’s A Straight forward Realistic Program

Fat Loss Revealed is laid out in almost
1-2-3 type steps.
A blueprint that if followed provides anybody
of any age a flexible system they can follow to drop belly fat, get a
lean flat stomach and improve general health, or if you want to take it
all the way, a ripped six pack.

It’s a Program That Maintains Muscle While Losing Fat

You know what, losing “weight” is easy, but weight also includes
water and muscle and the very last thing you want to do is lose muscle!
Muscle is what gives you the toned lean look you’re after. Most
other programs are “weight loss” programs, not FAT loss programs!

A Program That Explains Exactly What You Need To Eat To Lose Fat Permanently;
Protein, Carbs, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, All Explained.

Fat Loss Revealed tells you EXACTLY what you
need to eat, how much to eat, what type of foods
, it even gives
you pre made diets which you can change around if you don’t like the foods
listed. I give an allowed food list you can choose from, there’s no need
to live on fish or chicken breasts; nature provided us with hundreds of
healthy food choices, and Fat Loss Revealed takes advantage of that.

Ripped or Just Lean ? – Standard or Advanced Dieting Modules.

The program contains a standard diet which is fine for most people who
just want to shift fat and get a flat stomach, but if you want to go crazy
and get that ripped look , you need special techniques for shifting those
last few pounds so I’ve included an advanced module covering some more
complex techniques for shifting those last few pounds of fat. Such as
carb cycling, calorie cycling, re feeds and more.

A Program that Fuses Resistance Training with Cardio, A Diet Plan &
Motivational techniques, all in one program like no other

Because no matter what anybody tells you, the best way to achieve a lean
body for life is to follow a sensible – but targeted- eating plan
while following a scientifically proven workout program. It’s really
as simple as that.

A Program That Isn’t Going to Blow Smoke Up Your You-Know-Where

Look, I’m not going to feed you some BS about losing 20lbs in a week,
or pretend you only need to workout for 10 minutes twice a week. That
kind of junky information may be the norm in this murky industry but it’s
not my style. This is a scientifically validated and fully tested Fat
Loss System which creates real tangible long term results for it’s users.

That’s what it does, and I’m not going to dress it up and pretend you
can do zero exercise or just pop a pill and magically look the way you
want to, because you can’t, sorry. That’s the truth…

A Program That Doesn’t Starve You To Death

I don’t subscribe to the ultra low calorie diets, those diets expect you
to survive on calories so low, it’s flat out dangerous. Such diets
eat up muscle like crazy, kill your metabolism and slow down fat burning.
Put simply, such diets suck.

Dropped 30 Pounds!

And 7″ of His Waist.

Sergio  With Fat Belly

Sergio after with flat six pack


Mid April

Total Weight : 168(+) lbs

Body-Fat = 26%(+)

Waist Line: 37″(+)

Current Stats

As of September

Total Weight : 138 lbs

Body-Fat := 8.8%

Waist Line: 30″

was obvious to me that I had to do something about my weight problem.
The problem was I did not know where to start, what to eat, what
exercise for my body-type, or what supplements worked or didn’t.
I had tried pretty much every diet and ebook system I could find
online, but basically ended up giving up frustrated with my lack
of progress, I had almost given up on finding something different
that would actually make a real difference.

the end I came across Will’s Fat Loss Revealed , program purely
by accident from a recommended link on a fitness web site, I liked
Will’s straight up style and a quick search around the web told
me he was somebody I could trust.

purchased FLR in April and immediately knew this was a real fat
loss program with a diet and nutrition plan I could stick to.

program is like a “fat-loss blueprint” that clearly lays-out
on a “step by step” basis how to lose fat whether the
goal is for better health (my initial goal) or getting ripped.

It covers everything
needed to achieve fat-loss Including the essentials like nutrition,
fat loss supplement reviews and advice, on-line meal planner, work-outs
exercise videos. But to be honest the most amazing part of the FLR
system is the advisors and other people following FLR found in the
members area on the private forum and so forth.

The advice forum
is staffed with highly competent advisors that truly care and are
ready to answer and advise on the most confusing question(s) about
supplements (that do and don’t work!) and fat-loss methods.

I was honored
when the man himself, Will Brink, who writes for popular magazines
and who has trained world class champions answered questions that
I posted on the forum.

I have definitely
surpassed my initial goal of just “loosing extra baggage”
I’ve achieved a condition I just didn’t think possible thanks to
Will Brink’s information.”

Sergio Lares

A Program That Finally Ends the Confusion Between Different Approaches,
an End to the “Which Is Best?” Question.

Fat Loss Revealed takes the very best elements of nutrition, cardio, resistance
training, supplementation and motivation. I base all my work on science
and real world feedback. When you read something in my program you can
be assured it’s based on what’s been proven to do the job in the
least amount of time with the greatest results, for long-term fat loss
and good health with no more confusion.

A Program Based On Everyday Foods So You Can Eat With Your Family

It’s a fat loss program that allows you to eat normal foods available
from any food store purchased all around the world. No special brands
or special foods, just plain old fashioned good quality healthy food that
you and your partner can enjoy without cooking half a dozen separate meals
each day for everybody in the household.

Program Which Details How To Avoid Hitting Plateaus Or How To Overcome
Them – So You Don’t Give Up.

FLR workouts, and the advanced dieting section, show you how to constantly
break past any weight loss plateaus.

Workout at Home Or In A Gym

Fat Loss Revealed provides training programs for all levels of fitness,
including gym based programs, but also workouts you can do in your home
with bodyweight exercises, all complete with pictures to show you the
proper form for each exercise.

A Program That Delivers Results Quickly So You Stay Motivated.

I’m a big believer that consistency – really keeping people
on track -is the most vital aspect of any well founded program; that’s
why FLR delivers results as quickly as possible without sacrificing your
health, wealth or lean muscle tissue. As you can see on this page, we
have people who achieve amazing results in 12 weeks, but many experience
meaningful results in the mirror in as little as two.

A Program based on current research and real world feedback, not hype
and hoopla.

FLR is based on over 20 years of research, and I’m constantly tuning
and tweaking it on a consistent basis to take into account new information,
new small changes to maximize results, all based on the latest data and
real world user results vs. hype or exaggerated “lose 20 lbs in 10
days” rubbish used by so many programs out there. Way to many programs
promise the world and deliver disappointment minus your money.

A program which doesn’t’ condemn all supplement usage out of hand

While I do knock many so called “proven” fat loss supplements,
some supplements can help in the battle against the bulge and I review
those and explain exactly why they work and what benefits they have not
only for fat loss but for overall health and well being.

Totally Flexible for All Ages & Requirements

It’s designed for men and women of all ages, I have success stories from
teens to 75 year olds. FLR has different workout programs and diets you
can use depending on your requirements.

Here’s What Fat Loss Revealed Is NOT!

not about spending your entire life working out at the expense of everything
else and eating nothing but bland chicken breasts 24/7.

It’s not about having to use dozens of fat loss pills or potions. In fact,
in the supplements module of the program I tell you exactly how to spot
scam supplements, and I review over 50 fat loss supplements, most of them
come up empty I’m afraid. How much money could you save just knowing what
works and what to avoid?

It’s not about you having to buy special equipment. In my book you won’t
find links to buy special equipment, in fact in my book I don’t try to
sell you anything.

It’s not about ab rollers, infomercial gizmo’s , getting you to buy more
stuff once you purchase.

It’s not about pretending you can achieve the body you want by simply
popping a pill, and ignoring the basic fact you need to do some exercise
to get to your final destination.

It’s not about fad diets, celebrity diets, ultra low carb, low fat, low
calories and so forth, the diet is based on sound, scientifically supported
and tested research .

Fat Loss Revealed Testimonials…

Dropped 20 Pounds And Transformed His Physique

dave with belly fat

dave ripped with six pack


Total Weight : 202 lbs

Body-Fat = 21. 9 %

12 Weeks Later

Total Weight : 182 lbs

Body-Fat := 9.5%

I’ll keep this
short , my goals were simple to be honest:

1 Drop my body fat

2 Maintain my muscle and gain a little

3 Do it all in 12 weeks

I always knew I could do it. When I finally decided to meet the
challenge I wanted a nutrition plan that could be customized for

The FLR diet and
Will (Brink) did a great job of teaching me what I needed to know
and outlining a nutrition plan that even I could follow.

I did run into
problems but when I did the FLR trainers and even the man himself
Will Brink, were there to answer questions, give advice and support.


Lost 20 Pounds and Transformed Her Health

favorite source of healthy nutrition and fat loss diet info came
from Will (Brink) and his FLR fat loss system.

information was my first line of defense in eating correctly to
lose the body fat.

recommend it without hesitation to my friends & family and continue
to do so.

As I’ve said many times before . I know from experience, you can’t
fail if you follow what Will says.

Blackburn | Mother of two

Pat Drops 50 Pounds & Goes

From 52% to 15% Body Fat

Here are my before
and after pictures.

The “after” was
taken on my 48th birthday after a workout.

I’ve made more
progress in 5 months following the principles in your information
than the entire (almost) 3 years of dieting and exercise. I never
would’ve thought a guy my age could’ve done this!”

Pat Sitton

Introducing the

Fat Loss Revealed Members Area…

fat loss the losing fat members area

The Ultimate Motivation Tool

I could go on telling you how amazing the Fat Loss Revealed manual is
until I’m blue in the face, but I think I’ve already given you enough
information to make an informed decision on that, so let’s move
on to what’s seriously unique about this program.

Let’s face it, people need more than an E-book to succeed.
They need motivation, they need others to support them; social support
is a vital component to success overlooked and under appreciated by most
other programs.

Let’s say you have a slow week and don’t lose much weight, and doubt
starts to set in, then you start to lose motivation. That can be the start
of a downhill path.

As a personal trainer for many years, I knew I had to ensure I dealt
with the issue of keeping people focused and motivated in any program
I created, so what did I do decide to do ?

I had my team of computer geek’s create the Fat Loss Revealed
(FLR) private members area
, and when you order the Fat Loss Revealed
manual, you automatically get VIP access into the private members area.

First and foremost, the members area contains a highly moderated
and organized private discussion forum where you will find literally thousands
of other members following the FLR diet, so from now on, you’ll have other
members to chat with and discuss your issues and get your questions

In addition to that, I‘m on there every single day along
with my professional team of Fat Loss Revealed program advisors. This
is a big deal my friend, having one on one hands on support and encouragement
every single day, it makes all the difference. You’ll get free access
for a year when you purchase my Fat Loss Revealed manual.

And let me just add a note about my advisors: unlike the moderators for
most other forums who are bored college kids with minimal knowledge, my
advisors were hand picked by me, and they consist of food scientists,
medical doctors, and top level trainers.

Stuff You Can Do There

Ask yours truly – Will Brink & my team
of Fat Loss Revealed advisors anything you want about the program
or any general fitness, fat loss questions you might have.

Read Over 300 Brand Name Supplement Reviews

Read Dozens of Fat Loss Articles

View the Members Photo Gallery For inspiration.

Chat with Other Members about your success and progress

Post your workout or diet for a review by advisors.

View hundreds of Recipes

Or just chat in a 100% moderated, polite environment.

And much much more…

So you’ll never be stuck again, you’ll
be able to follow the plan and ask questions every day if you need to,
plus get feedback and motivation from other members.

In addition, you can read thousands of pages of information on fat loss,
view over 300 brand name supplement reviews – all with member feedback
– and much more. I can’t do justice to explaining
all the motivational material found in the members area.

You can ask anything you want; it doesn’t even have to be about Fat Loss
Revealed. We deal with all kinds of health issues, working out, keeping
fit while on the road; literally hundreds of topics are discussed.

In addition, I’ve created a number of very cool tools you can use in
the members area :

More Members Area Cool Tools

Online Meal & Calorie Calculator

I know how complicated planning a diet can be. Lets face it, it
takes time, and time is something many of us just don’t have nowadays.

I had my tech guys create the online Meal & Calorie planner.
It performs all the calculations from the e-book for you. You literally
just enter a few details – like your weight, height and sex etc
and it spits out all the diet information for you, so if your in
a rush and just want to get started losing fat, you don’t even have
to read the diet section of the Fat Loss Revealed manual.

All your meals will be displayed with calories, protein, carbs
and fats all laid out for you online in an easy to read meal plan,
that you can print out if you wish or view online.


Online Diet Planner

For the Serious

For those who want to really keep a serious eye on their diets
and monitor ever last morsel, I had the diet planner programmed
specifically for you.

Completely online you can store your foods, your recipes, make
up entire 365 day meal plans, see your progress with graphs, print
out your diets, easily adjust macronutrient levels. It’s the ultimate
diet planning tool for those serious about sporting ripped 6 pack


Made Fat Loss Diets

Not only does Fat Loss Revealed,
explain exactly how to put together your personalized diet, it also
comes with numerous pre made diets.

You can view them online, even edit them online with the Diet Planner,
or you can just print them out and stick them on the fridge.

We have them for all bodyweight’s, so everybody is covered, just
choose your bodyweight and download the relevant meal plans – simple.


Video Database

No more guessing how to
do an exercise .

I include both “at home” workouts in the program and
ones requiring weights and a bench. I had this exercise video database
complied showing all the exercises in the Fat Loss Revealed Program.

Now you never need to guess whether your performing an exercise
correctly again.


Workout Sheets.

Oh yes, I nearly
forgot, there are also plenty of motivational charts such as progress
sheets, workout guides, measurement logs and plenty of other tools
you can use to help you stick to your plan.

And That’s Just SOME of the available
Tools in Members Area…

Finally Here’s Some Important Tips, Tricks & Techniques You’ll Discover
With The Program.

How to blast past your weight loss plateaus;
ensure consistent fat loss results, discover exactly how to trick
your body to release more stubborn body fat.
Why some people seem to be able to eat almost
anything and still lose weight,
and why others can’t, and
what you can do about it.
I deal with the little things as well as the bigger
picture. For example, I have an entire section on how to successfully
go food shopping. Often just getting the little things
right help your overall success.
How to get ultra ripped.
I cover all kinds of advanced topics such as calorie / carb cycling,
cheat meals, re feeds and much more. This is for folks trying to go
down into the 4-5% body fat region.
A unique trick to fool your body and control
your metabolism and sugar urges
so you no longer feel the
need to eat an entire pack of crackers or cookies when you see them.
The #1 most effective way to burn body fat
If you could only make one change to your current diet
program, this would be it. I fully explain the correct process in
the advanced dieting section of the e-book.
  How to jump start a slow metabolism
and get your bodies natural fat burning furnace ramped up.
Explanations of marketing terms used
by supplement companies like ‘patented’ ‘clinically proven’ ‘doctor
recommended’ etc. Find out what these misleading and abused terms
really mean .
How to keep on track when you don’t lose weight
for a few days, and how to adjust your mental approach to deal with
it and keep going.
The effects of food combining, and
what happens when protein, carbs and fats are eaten together , separately
and so on.
The “10 Golden Laws of Fat Loss”
Discover, once and for all, about what, when and how often
you should eat to lose fat. Once you know the facts, you can boost
your metabolism and lose fat easily – even while you sleep. This is
not hype, it’s a physiological fact.
Why some people always seem to gain back the fat they’ve
lost and how to GUARANTEE that you keep it off for good!
How to prepare simple nutritious meals in
advance so you always stick to your diet, even when you’re on
the road or doing long shifts or trying to look after a family.
How To maintain strength while keeping body
fat low.

Reviews of the research studies on supplements.
Did you know that some of the most heavily marketed supplements
only work for rats and mice, NOT humans – are you using them?

Are you aware that some of the most popular weight loss supplements
today have no research at all behind them? Are
you throwing money away on these? Find out which ones have been
tested in real human beings in clinical settings as well as real
world situations – not just rodents or test-tube experiments.

The psychology of permanent fat loss:
learn proper goal setting and motivation tactics for success . I’ll
show you ways to ensure you stay on your fat loss program and don’t
give up within a few weeks. Most of my members have found the private
FLR forums to be invaluable for sticking to their diet as they talk
with the moderators and members following the same plan. It’s a support
network like no other.
How to avoid being scammed by some
amazing ‘new’ ingredient that has actually been around for decades,
or worse yet, already proven to be worthless!
The psychological reason why most people sabotage
.just when their diets are beginning to work…and
how to make sure it does not happen to you.
The right protein, carbs and fat sources to
eat – and the ones you should avoid.
Is there any difference in workouts for men
and woman and why?
The truth about how much cardio you REALLY
need to lose body fat
and when and how you should do it for
maximum impact.
Which “good” fats can actually speed
up fat loss,
increase your energy levels and improve your
health, and how much you need for optimal effects (it’s a fine line…
eating too much fat really IS bad for you and really DOES turn into
body fat!)
The real story behind E/C/A products
(Hydroxycut, Xenadrine, Ripped Fuel-type products).
The correct dosages you need for each supplement
to achieve fat loss. Some supplements contain the right ingredients
– but in the wrong amounts! Many supplements contain just enough of
a compound for “label decoration” – it’s one of the oldest
tricks in the book. You don’t have to fall for it ever again! Find
out how much you really need to take to see the effects.
  And Much Much More….

Fat Loss Revealed Testimonials…

Lost 21 Lbs Of Fat &

Gained 6 Lbs Of Lean Muscle

stefan wants a six pack

stefan ripped

stefan with belly fat

stefan gets ripped with fat loss revealed

Starting Stats

Total Weight : 195.8

12 Weeks Later

Total Weight :173.8

My fat loss journey
started after looking in the mirror one day and noticing my gut
poking out more than ever, so I got a friend to take a picture of
how bad I let myself go (without my head in it because I was too
ashamed it was my gut!) and I began my mission to lose it.

I became a member
of FLR just out of curiosity , I had no real hopes but in it I found
everything I needed to know on how to lose fat – straight to the
point information that really works.

First thing I
did was I set my self goals and recorded my results as explained
in the motivation section. . Then I went into the members forum
where I punched in my details in the Calorie Planner which worked
out my macronutrient requirements per day, I also used the diet
planner, it’s an amazing piece of software, it’s allowed me to keep
total control over my diet , I couldn’t be without it.

I stuck to the
diet, did my training as laid out in the book and the gut began
to disappear.

In the before
picture using the 3 site Accu-measure pinch test I measured; pec:
7mm, ab: 11mm, quad: 8mm, and my weight was 195lbs.

Sticking to the
FLR diet I got down to pec: 3mm, abs: 4mm, quad: 4mm with a body
weight of 173 lbs. So I lost around 20 lbs of fat and even gained
about 6 lbs of muscle mass .

I never thought
I could get this lean. FLR made it happen. And the best part about
purchasing the e-book is the members area where expert advice is
given to any question you may have and it’s filled with tons
of useful information. Thanks FLR!


Shed 33 lbs Of Fat So Far & Is Still Going Strong – He’s Aiming
To Lose Another 15 lbs – We Know He’s Going To Make It

December 2007 – 188 lbs

July 2008 – 150 lbs

“I have been
overweight for as long as I remember. I have tried (and failed)
to lose weight many, many times over the last 10 years as I just
could not stick to any of the ‘diets’ that a lot of people would
believe you have to be on in order to lose weight (i.e. salad, salad
and nothing but salad!) Towards the end of last year I had hit my
highest weight ever – and even close friends and family started
to comment about my increased size… that’s when I decided to take

I first came across
FLR after searching online for weight loss supplement reviews, and
thought ‘what the heck’ and gave FLR a try – which turned out to
be by far the best decision i’d made all year! I quickly learned
that my extreme diet was all wrong, and that it was making my weight
loss goals near on impossible! The extensive information and instruction
about diet, exercise and supplements set me on the right path to
achieve my goals… a path which i’m happily still following over
6 months later without a second thought. The forums are also incredibly
helpful, with brilliant advice from other members about everything
from meal recipe ideas, through to advice on training routines.
I have found the answers to a lot of my own queries simply by searching
through the forum.

I would not hesitate
to recommend the FLR package to anyone who wants to take control
of their health (and waistline!) once and for all without the fads
and gimmicks that will lead you astray.”

Edwards – Northamptonshire, UK

Lost Over 50 Pounds Of Fat

Amy after fat loss revealed  

was hopelessly overweight and quite down on myself. I wasted so
much money on fat loss pills and creams, I think I must have tried
every diet in the universe. I did lose weight, a few pounds here
and there I was a classic yo – yo dieter but I always gained it
back and more.

feel so glad, I finally found your FLR program Will, what it’s done
for me is something I can’t put into words.

total, “I have lost over 50 pounds of fat while gaining lean
muscle to give me that toned look I always wanted, my friends and
family still can’t believe it and I recommend FLR to all of them,
I think you have half my family tree as FLR members now.

didn’t do it as a crash, or quick fix diet, but as a steady healthy
reduction in bodyweight as outlined in your program.Your direction
and knowledge of diet and supplements has been more than invaluable
to my success. Thank you Will.

Amy Fox

So Here’s What Your Going To Receive

In The Next Few Minutes.

The Fat Loss Revealed Manuals

All 4 Modules

(1) Diet & Nutrition

(2) Supplement Advice & Reviews

(3) Workouts – Resistance & Cardio

(4) Motivation & Goal Setting

Value $67


VIP Access To The Fat Loss Revealed Members Area.

12 Full Months Unrestricted .

Includes numerous tools such as:

Personal Coaching Forum

Photo Gallery


Many More Vital Fat Loss Tools.

Value $119


The Online Meal & Calorie PlannerJust enter your height, age, weight and sex, and all the
calculator does ALL the work for you.

The calculator follows the exact diet from the Fat Loss Revealed
manual but saves you have to work anything out so you can get started
immediately – The Ultimate Convenience tool.

Value $19.95


The Online Diet PlannerCompletely online you can store your foods, your recipes,
make up entire 365 day meal plans, see your progress with graphs,
print out your diets, easily adjust macronutrient levels , the ultimate
diet planner.

Value $49.95


Video Exercise Database

No more guessing how to do an exercise or not getting the most
from it by incorrect posture .

Just sit back and watch exactly how an exercise should be performed,
each video is also accompanied by a full text description with tips
and pointers on each exercise.


Pre Made Fat Loss Diet Plans

No more time consuming writing out of your own diets, we have made
diets for all bodyweight’s that specifically match the Fat Loss
Revealed Diet Plan. So now you can get started immediately.


Tasty Fat Loss Recipes

Another BONUS, you’ll find a collection of tasty fat loss recipes
specifically designed for use with the Fat Loss Revealed program.
They include:




+ Healthy Energy Giving Shakes

fat loss recipes



#1 : What Have You Got To Lose?
Find Out The Truth About The Best Selling

Seen In BookStores By Elissa Lowe, M.S.

fat loss diet review ebook bonus

If you’ve been to the bookstore , you’ve seen entire walls covered
with the so called latest and greatest diets.

This unique bonus e-book reviews around a dozen
of the most popular diet programs and books on the market giving
a full assessment of
who the author is, who the diet is geared
towards, what’s covered in each book and ultimately if the diet
is healthy and effective. In addition each diet is given an overall
assessment and a grade.

All the following diets are reviewed in detail ,along with interestingly
a look at the authors history.

  • Dr Phil
  • Curves
  • Atkins
  • The Abs Diet
  • The Zone
  • Body for Life
  • South Beach
  • Eat Right For your Type
  • Slim Fast
  • Eat More Weigh Less

Value $24.95

BONUS #2 : Turbulence
Training For Abs
Lose belly fat and get a flat stomach
with Men’s’ Health’s Contributor Craig Ballantyne CSCS, M.Sc

Turbulence training is the revolutionary way to
workout at home without much equipment , just a set of dumbbells
and a ball. it’s ideal for busy men and women who need to fit
in a quick invigorating workout whilst burning body fat as fast
as possible.

Craig Ballantyne is one of the worlds top experts
on fat loss and is a contributing author to Men’s Health
magazine, and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Maximum
Fitness and The for Women Oxygen magazines.

I’ve managed to
negotiate an utterly amazing deal with Craig , and he’s allowing
me to give away this powerful and unique bonus with the Fat Loss
Revealed system. Craig sells this from his own site for $19.95
but you’ll receive it free when you order ‘Fat Loss Revealed’.

Value $19.95

#3 : Healthy Meals On The Go

Over 30 delicious, nutritious, fat-blasting
smoothie recipes.

By Vince Delmonte H.B.K. CPT

Now you can create your own tasty, rewarding and diet-conscious
meals… with the perfect caloric impact for getting a lean six

You’ll learn “Juicer” smoothie recipes to get your
10-15 serving of fruits and veggies plus “meal replacement”
smoothies ideal if your pushed for time and can’t get in a solid

The smoothies that make the “Jambas” and the rest taste
like they came out of a tin can.

  • Garden Fresh…
  • No hidden preservatives..
  • Money Saving…

You know… the chain smoothie shops try to make it look like rocket
science to make a great tasting and nutritious smoothie. Now you’ll
do better than them when you whip up your own, simply… quickly…
and easily… anytime you want.

Value $37.00

#4: Extreme & Controversial Fat Loss Techniques.

In this revealing e-book Natural bodybuilder
and best selling fitness author Tom Venuto BSc, CSCS , NSCA-CPT
reveals the real risks and the inherent benefits of some of the
most controversial extreme fat loss techniques that are in use

He will show you the risk-benefit for each technique
and how to determine if it is right for you in your quest for
a leaner physique!

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Which is better, fasted cardio in the morning, cardio
    at night, do you even need to be fasted?
  • Tapering Calories & Carbs.
  • Cardio in the morning after protein consumption
  • High protein, very low carb , very low fat diets
  • Cardio at night
  • Avoiding food for 2 hours before bedtime
  • Extreme calorie reduction
  • High Protein, very low carb, low fat diet, ketogenic
    diets, what works what doesn’t.
  • Short duration or long duration cardio, or interval
  • Long duration low intensity cardio
  • High frequency cardio 5-7 days per week

    And Much Much More..

Value $19.99

“What If The Information
Gets Outdated?

Don’t worry, never happens, I’ve solved that issue . As soon
as a new supplement needs reviewing or I want to add some more content
to the book, I just update it and upload the new version to the
Members Area, so all our members can can download it.

That’s the joy of delivering it online; it never becomes outdated
or obsoletes.

“So Will, What’s the Bottom Line

How Much Is This Going To Cost ”

Let’s face it, what value can you put on having a lean healthy body
? What price is good health and feeling good about yourself worth?

What price can you put on having over 12 months free access to the author
of the program you’re following and thousands of other people following
the same program as you, it’s virtually priceless.

So Let’s
Wrap This Up … Here’s What You’ll Receive.

The Fat Loss Revealed E-Book (Value

12 Months Coaching & Access to The Members Area. (Value

(The Members Area Includes Everything Below:)

  1. Multiple workout programs from beginner to advanced.
  2. Pre-made customizable diets for all bodyweight’s.
  3. The Exercise Video Database
  4. 300 + brand name supplements listed with members feedback.
  5. Workout Charts, Measurement Charts, Progress Charts.
  6. The Diet planner (This alone is worth $50, wait until you see it)
  7. The Nutrition Database
  8. The Fat Loss Revealed Meal & Calorie Planner
  9. Hundreds of Recipes complete with full cooking details.
  10. Body Fat Calculators & Other Fitness Calculators

The Quadruple Bonus Pack …
Elissa Lowe, M.S.“What Have You Got To Lose”

(Value $24.95)

Craig Ballantyne CSCS, M.Sc “Turbulence Training For Abs”

(Value $19.95)

Vince Delmonte H.B.K. CPT “Healthy Meals On The Go”

(Value $37.95)

Tom Venuto BSc, NSCA-CPT “Controversial Fat Loss Techniques


Total Program Value $ 288.80

But I want to make this program affordable to as many people
as possible so for that reason for the time being, I’m offering the entire
Fat Loss Revealed package with everything discussed which individually
comes to $288.80 for the flat out bargain price of just $39.95.
A one off, no more to pay single payment of just $39.95 for everything.

I also want to remove all the risk for you, my reputation
is important to me. I’ve worked hard to provide honest, high quality information
all my life, I stand 100% by my work, so let me make you this …

No Questions Asked, No Hassle,

No-Hoops-To-Jump-Through 100%

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase the course you get a full 60-Day “Test
Drive” period to try it out RISK FREE. If at anytime during those
60 days you decide it’s not for you, you can get money back.

All you need to do now is click the order button and get started.
I’ll see you in the members area in a few minutes.

This is a 1-Time payment only, you will
never be billed again. If you can find a better package offering even
close to this much value with 12 months access to the author and thousands
of others following the same program, then I’ll eat my hat.


Will Brink

Researcher, Your Industry Insider, Magazine Columnist & Author.

P.S . Don’t delay any longer on building the best body you can own. It’s
time now to strip that belly fat, lean out, get that healthy glow, that
sexy six pack, it is doable, start telling yourself it is. Stop the negative
process in it’s tracks. Follow my program and you will achieve your goals.

P.S: There’s only one “catch” to all this if you want to get
the complete package above with 12 months free access to the VIP members
area the grab it now. I already know it’s crazy to give this much
away for free; competitors are charging $20 a month for their members
area access, so I would be crazy not to charge for it soon myself.

Either the overall price will be going up very soon, or I’ll be separating
the members area and all the tools in there and charging extra for that.
Please don’t come back later and ask me for this price when it’s gone,
I won’t be able to do it.

NOTE: Fat Loss Revealed & All Associated Bonus Material etc
is electronic form.
No physical products will be shipped. After
you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the
bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF,
which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

® Brink’s Fat Loss Revealed is a registered trademark.

Serial Number: 77292939 Registration Number: 3440166


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Please note our staff are not trained to answer calls relating to advice on nutrition,diet, supplementation etc.
The phone lines are purely for billing or technical inquires.

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